The Company

The services and the products of the company are mainly targeted at the field of agricultural primary production: from the farmer, the agriculturist groups, the agricultural cooperatives to the large agricultural enterprises and the processing plants of agricultural products. The company essentially operates in the market of plant nutrition and protection products and in the provision of high-technology services, introducing innovative solutions (methods) and products that does not belong to the category of fertilisers or plant protection products. These methods are introducing innovative technologies in plant production and constitute a significant development in Precision Farming. They are easily applicable, resolve difficult problems of field recording, constitute user-friendly managerial tools and abolish laborious practices increasing at the same time the recording accuracy.

The AgroEcoSystem limited partnership company was founded in the August of 2013. The founder and principal partner is Dr. Zois Zartaloudis with great experience in applied agricultural research, with twenty-year professional experience at the National Hellenic Agricultural Research Foundation (since its formation until its merge with the ELGO DIMITRA). Over the last years, conducting personal research, he has created significant innovative compositions under the name «BIOSHELL», of which four (BIOSHELL ZF1, BIOSHELL ZFC, BIOSHELL ZFS and BIOSHELL ZFE) the company AgroEcoSystem produces under his personal supervision and distributes so far. The new innovative products of ours are being produced and distributed wholesale and retail through market network.

Objectives of the Company:

  1. The development and marketing of innovative products and methods for agricultural applications and the implementation and evaluation of new compositions.
  2. The development, expand and exploit of the already created products in new applications and uses.
  3. The continuity of the applied agricultural research and agricultural experimentation in resolving new resulting problems in agriculture.
  4. The provision of consulting services to agricultural enterprises, groups, cooperatives and individual producers of agricultural products and the award of works contracts to organisms, authority bodies, and cooperatives, companies private or public for the provision of services on issues of agriculture, plant protection and environment.
  5. The studies of diagnosis, management and treatment of the problems in agricultural primary production.
  6. The field studies for the prevention and response to old epidemics or newly inserted enemies of cultivated or wild plant species.  

Our goal is to provide to the producer services, consultancy and products which would help in cultivating more effectively, decreasing inputs and increasing yields.