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Ideal for the prevention and control of insect infestations. Ideal for the control of infestation by Tuta absoluta.

The BIOSHELL ZF1 is a natural product. It contains organic acids, organic calcium and boron sources and 3% of vitamins as complexes of natural aluminosilicate minerals.


1. Reinforces plants’ defense and reduces plant stress.
2. Helps the absorption of macronutrient minerals and trace minerals, providing better uptake of soil nutrients.
3. Improves the environment of the root system and favours the growth of beneficial microorganisms of the soil and symbiotic microorganisms (mycorrhiza) of the root resulting in better nutrition and growth of the plants.
4. In combination with beneficial microorganisms of the soil causes intersystem defense RISF (resistance induced by symbiotic fungi) to plants.
5. Protects other products from the rapid weather changes, like sudden rainfalls (washing) or intense solar radiation (photochemical breakdown) by keeping them in the micro cells of their natural crystals (e.g. clinoptilolite)

BIOSHELL ZF1 has interlaminar insertion, coheres and completely covers the sprayed surface of the plant. Due to its granulometry, the special form of its crystal (size 20m) and its loading (contains inside ionised water molecules), it gives extra energy to plants, improving nutrition. Simultaneously, it favours the growth of population of beneficial microorganisms (natural predators), actively involved in the defense mechanism system of the plants against herbivores.

It helps to improve the quality of fruits and raises crop yields at the following crops:
Citrus fruit, Pomes, Stone fruit, Winegrape, Kiwi fruit, Olive, Tomato, Pepper, Aubergine, Melon, Water melon, Cucumber, Courgette, Potato, Cotton plant, Aromatic and medicinal plants, Greenhouse cultivation, Fertigation.

In additional:

1. At cherry-tree and tomato it prevents fruits’ splitting.
2. At potato, with soil applications, it reduces to a large extent the effects from infestation by eelworms.

BIOSHELL ZF1 can be used by foliage spraying but also by drip irrigation in soil applications. It combines with the most plant protection products, except from the very alkaline ones. 

Directions for use