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It is a unique live product for Verticillium wilt of olive control and for other soil pathogens

BIOSHELL VERT is a natural product. It contains organic acids and vitamins as complexes of natural aluminosilicate minerals and beneficial microorganisms, as endomycorrhizae Glomus spp., bacteria, competitors against pathogens, fungi and yeasts.

BIOSHELL VERT has anti-stress properties reinforcing plants’ defense mainly through the root system and secondly through the foliage. It helps the better function of plants’ vessels and gives natural intersystem persistence against pathogenic fungi and bacteria.
Due to its granulometry and the special form of its crystal (size 20m) and its electric loading (contains inside ionised water molecules), it gives extra energy to plants.


1. Has a nutritional synergistic action to the plant
2. Achieves colonization of root hairs and deters the entry of pathogens to soil
3. Competes soil pathogens
4. Offers induced resistance both to the root system and to the above-ground plant tissue (foliage)



Directions for use