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BIOSHELL ZFD is an innovative natural product of BIOSHELL product series. It is a mixture of clinoptilolite and natural organic alouminosilicate including complexes of organic acids and vitamins in microcrystalline structures less than 10μ in size. It is a plant growth enhancer and provides new properties to the plants through physiology (growth speed, quality production etc).
BIOSHELL ZFD participates in the plant growth processes. It has foliar penetration properties, sticks to the plants and fully covers the sprayed surface.
Due to its granularity, special structure (size of 15μ) and charge (it contains ionized water molecules internally) provides further energy to the plants. It cooperates with the plant as natural nutrition biocatalyst giving high growth rates and quality to the production.
It cooperates with most of the products except for the very alkaline. It doesn't cooperate with summer insecticide paraffinic oil.

Relationship between BIOSHELL ZFD and BIOSHELL ZF1

BIOSHELL ZFD is suitable for developed plants and used from fruit setting onwards while BIOSHELL ZF1 is better suited for younger growth stages and also provides complementary action if it is applied prior to BIOSHELL ZFD.

Directions for use