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BIOSHELL ZFE is a natural product. It contains organic acids and vitamins 18% as complexes of natural aluminosilicate minerals and is reinforced by natural silica. 

BIOSHELL ZFE has anti-stress properties mainly by the root system and secondly by the foliage. It helps the absorption of macronutrient minerals and trace minerals, especially of iron.
Due to its granulometry and the special form of its crystal (size 20m) and its loading (contains inside ionised water molecules), it gives extra energy to plants.


1. Helps in controlling the esca disease of grapevine, actively involving in the defense mechanism system of the plants
2. Promotes plants’ defense system and reduces plant stress
3. Helps perennial plants to overcome chronic stress or the effects resulting from complex causes both in greenhouses and in field-scale crops
4. Helps the absorption of macronutrient minerals and trace minerals, providing better uptake of soil nutrients.
5. Combines with the most plant protection products, except from the very alkaline ones

Control of Esca disease of grapevine

Esca causes multiple metabolic changes to plants. The plants lower the synthesis of glucose and fructose and at the same time increase the production of phenolic compounds, bypassing carbon and energy compounds (primary metabolism) in order to produce defense compounds (secondary metabolism). Other metabolic changes include elevated levels of alanine, gamma-Aminobutyric acid (c-Aminobutyric acid) GABA, of pyruvic acid and methanol that could be a part of some defense strategies.

The BIOSHELL ZFE offers feeding balance to the plant that fights one or a lot of pathogens adding energy to the plant, by helping in production of secondary metabolites and blocking at the same time mycotoxins of pathogens that are responsible for the change of metabolic behaviour of the plant and the experience of symptoms.  

Directions for use